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Exclusive EXISTING USERS: Offers only available to existing abode users.

Massive Savings on Yearly Plans

We created our abode Connect and Secure plans to be the perfect compliment to your abode
system to keep your loved ones, home, and posessions connected and protected.


One year of cellular backup plus other great features to keep you always connected.

  • Cellular Backup
  • 14-Day Timeline Storage
  • Multiple Homes (coming soon)
  • Plus all BASIC plan features
BUY NOWOnly $6.6/mo* * Charged Annually, One Time Charge of $80


One year of cellular backup and 24x7 professional monitoring to keep your home safe and secure.

  • 24x7 Professional Monitoring
  • Cellular Backup
  • 90-Day Timeline Storage
  • Multiple Homes (coming soon)
  • Plus all BASIC & Connect features
BUY NOWOnly $16.6/mo* * Charged Annually, One Time Charge of $200

Frequently Asked Questions

If I renew my subscription, when will I be charged and when does my new subscription start?

You will begin receiving subscription renewal emails 30 days prior to your subscription renewal date.  When you decide to take advantage of the special renewal offer, your new subscription will start immediately and your credit card will be charged at the renewal rate.  Any remaining days on your existing subscription will be prorated and deducted from the new subscription cost.

Which network does the abode Gateway use for cellular backup?

A cell SIM card comes pre-installed in every abode Gateway.  It will connect to the strongest signal on either AT&T or the T-Mobile networks.  When you purchase a subscription plan that includes cellular backup (Connect Plan or Secure Plan), the cell card is automatically activated and it will connect to the network with the strongest signal strength.  Please allow 10 minutes after your Connect subscription has been finalized for your cell services to be activated.  Once activated, anytime your abode Gateway senses the internet connection is failing, it will switch to the cell card until ethernet connection is reestablished.

Does abode qualify for homeowner’s insurance discount?

Most users who subscribe to the abode Secure plan are eligible to receive significant discounts on their Homeowner’s Insurance Policy.  Since each insurance company has different requirements, make sure you contact your insurance company to verify the insurance discounts for the abode system.


When your Secure plan subscription is finalized, you will receive an email with instructions for downloading your abode Ownership Certificate.  This certificate contains the information that most insurance companies require to receive the discount.

How does professional monitoring work?

When you sign up for an abode secure plan, two things happen.

  1. The cell card in your gateway is automatically activated.  It will connect to the strongest signal on either AT&T or T-Mobile network.

  2. Your gateway is then automatically connected to the professional monitoring center and an account is created for you at the monitoring center.  From this point forward, all alarm events are passed to the professional monitoring center.  If your alarm is NOT disarmed before they start calling emergency contacts, you will receive a phone call for the monitoring center regarding the alarm.  However, if your alarm is disabled before they start calling the emergency contacts, you will NOT receive a phone call from the monitoring center as the system was disarmed.

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